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by Paul 8. April 2009 15:59

When it comes to search marketing, I live with my feet in two different worlds. One foot is in the world of search marketing consulting, blogs, books, and industry developments. The other foot is in the world of explaining to small and medium size businesses what search marketing is and why they need it.

The study of search marketing is complex with a high learning curve, far too much to cover in any blog, but at least I can give an understanding of the basics. Please forgive the simplicity, but based on the surprising number of people who ask me to explain what search marketing is, we better start at the beginning…

To sum it up in one sentence (in my own words) the whole point is helping people online find your company, products, or services to make a sale. For the more elaborate answer…read on.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the art and science of obtaining better results on search engine results pages (SERPs) through organic and paid inclusion methods.

If you’ve ever wondered how a Google, Yahoo, or MSN search for one of your products such as “California white wine” will return a result with your company listed as the 20th company on the 4th page, versus another one of your products “Chilean Merlot” which might return a result that has your company listed 11th, you’ve already begun scratching the surface of search marketing to at least think about where you should be listed versus your competitors.

Of course, some companies whose web pages are completely improperly coded do not return any search results at all.  If this ever happens to you, red sirens and a massive alarm should go off in your office. This is a real emergency. What is the purpose of having a Web site at all if potential customers cannot find you or your products? Sure, you know to type in your company name and URL, but potential customers don’t. That’s why your website needs to be optimized for customers who don’t know you, don’t always know your exact product names, or your industry terminology.

I’ve got to stop there for now before this blog becomes the first chapter of a new book. Suffice it to say that SEM (search engine marketing) is necessary for every business to increase your Web metrics. Search engine marketing is complicated with a high learning curve, but with MOB Media’s search engine marketing services you can relax and enjoy the benefits of higher traffic, increased sales, and detailed metrics reporting that will help you incrementally improve your website.

Look for future blogs that will delve into specifics on SEM.


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