The Why of Spaghetti

by Paul 24. July 2009 09:04

The old adage from Wannamaker that he knew 50% of his advertising didn't work, but not which half, should be laid to rest. We all know about accountability in advertising. It's what we at MOB Media have been preaching for years. But we should continue to evaluate all our ad campaigns on the WHY of Direct Response

The old days of throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks should be over, yet we need to remind our clients and ourselves of this when we begin to create marketing and advertising campaigns. It's easy to slip back into, "well, how about we do this or this", without truly evaluating the potential for results. Now let's not assume we are completely devoid of tossing spaghetti against the wall! Often times, to move the needle, you have to test something for the first time. You have to be a leader, not a follower. But that testing should be based as much as possible on why would someone want this? Why would they use medium A to get to product B?

That's where the ad serving, CORE tracking, Veil Encoding, lead validating, web analytics and more come in. You have a history, let's use it! My god, what about your web site? Do you have any idea how much information you can glean from your past visitors? The question is, did anyone bother to review the logs for common search terms? How about most pages visited? Time spent? The question keeps haunting me like bad tomato sauce....why did they do what they did?

My simple and short blog today can be summarized thusly: When we can truly answer the why, we get closer to the buy!

Besides, I don't eat spaghetti anyhow, too many carbs! 



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