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by Gary 28. October 2009 12:42

I’m stepping away from the blogging this week so that Gary Millea our truly creative,  Creative Director can “learn you some things” about setting up a Facebook account for your business. These practical hands-on tips will guide you step-by-step to do it yourself. Or if you prefer, you know MOB Media is there for you to create and maintain your social media campaigns. Without further adieu, I present: Gary Millea!

   Ok, it looks like the time has come. When you’re catching up with friends and family on Facebook you’ve started to see for yourself that more and more companies are popping up and vying for your attention. You’ve heard the buzz now “Become a Fan!”

The Toll Roads, Home Depot, Wach
ovia and even my local Sushi bar are all using Facebook to reach more customers faster and stay connected to them once they’ve found them. Facebook, the ever-popular social-networking website, has become a go-to web venue for businesses looking to expand their brand. Yet even for the most tech-savvy business owners, getting set up on the site can be daunting at first. I’d like to take this opportunity to share Facebook tips with you to help your company get started without breaking a sweat, or the bank.

Honestly, your timing couldn’t be better. Facebook recently made it even easier for brands and companies to connect with their target customers through their “Pages” feature. According to Inside Facebook, the updated version of the Pages feature has “the potential to … [reach] your customers in a very authentic, powerful, and extremely targeted way.”

MOB Media’s Creative Director Gary Millea provides a simple seven-step process to set up a business-friendly Facebook Page:

  1. Create A Facebook “Page,” Not a General Profile: For a business looking to build their brand awareness on the web, a Facebook “Page” is recommended.  A Facebook “Page” is optimized for a business or brand to share information, interact with “Fans" -- the people who like your company and add your Page to their Profile -- and create a highly engaging presence on Facebook.
  2. Register Your Page: Whether you already have a personal Facebook account, or are registering to the website for the first time, you can create your Facebook Page by visiting If you do not have a Facebook account, you will be prompted to create a “Business Account,” when building your company Page.
  3. Choose Your Page Name Wisely: Just as with keywords for a webpage, make sure you use words in your Facebook Page name that people would use to search for your company and product online. Keep it short, but if your company name does not reflect the product (media, marketing, advertising, internet marketing, etc.) that you sell, consider adding a few keywords that do.
  4. Edit Your “Info” Tab: Think of the Info tab as your “About Us” page. Keep your brand message and unique brand selling points in mind as you add details about your company, your products and services.
  5. Generate Content: A Facebook Page is not something you create once and let sit. Its success in drawing people to your store is dependent on continuous content. Dedicate time to your Facebook Page to upload photos of your store, products and events. You’ll also need to add notes and news content regularly.
  6. Get Fans: Once you’re Facebook Page is built, you can invite your friends, customers and business associates to become Fans, by uploading their email contact information to the site. This is where you see social networking in action. For every Fan who adds you to their “Profile,” their entire Facebook network will be notified and can become Fans themselves.
  7. Have Fun: Don’t forget to let your personality shine through with everything you add to your Page! When you have fun, your “fans” will too.
Check back next month for more social networking tips or contact Gary today and request his white paper “Put your best Face(book) Forward.”  


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