2010 MOB Media - We say the funniest things

by Paul 27. December 2010 09:42

MOB Media Employees & Friends Say the Darndest Things
2010 Version of our Malaprops, Mistatements or Generally Just Funny Stuff!

It's time to recap 2010's funniest statements from our MOB Media Family. As you may know by now, we gather together the funniest or strangest comments spoken or written during the year. Malaprops and non-sequiturs, misstatements and all-around funny stuff. This year there were even lyrics that were sung incorrectly! Let's get on with 2011 as we clean literally and figuratively the slate for 2010! As you know, I actually have a whiteboard on which I write these quotes. And, in fact, if anyone hears one, we say, "Put it on the board".

All in fun, folks! As usual, some of our employee's and friends are more prone to "making the board". We'll chalk it off to the fact that maybe they are just more talkative in general? This is in chronological order:

1. "I'm usually not hungry after I eat" (really?) Laura 1/14/10

2. "Cinco De Mayo is in May" (thanks for that tip!) Laura 1/16/10

3. "Move forward, Tattoo Detective, it's not too late, to whip it!" (that was an attempt at the lyrics of the famous Devo Song called Whip it) Michelle B. 2/3/10

4. "I might run a little longer because we have to wait for the half k'ers" (we think she means half marathon, because a half Kilometer ain't too far!) Raina 3/11/10

5. "My dad has always been a guy" (Whew! That's a relief Shawna, especially for your mom!). Shawna 3/18/10

6. "Ah, howdy, honey" (again, another misinformed lyric for the Archie's seminal song that goes Honey, honey, sugar, sugar) Erin 4/15/10

7. "Our timeline is 9 minutes and 30 seconds, so we will need more than a 10 minute tape" (why is that? Last I heard, 10 is more than 9) Ryan N. 5/10/10

8. "Lunch, the breakfast of champions" (they made me put that one up, I knew what I was saying...really!) Paul 6/8/10 

9. "I think I'm craving one of your Veggie Burgers, you know, the ones with the hamburger wrapped in lettuce!" Walter 7/12/10

10. "No, it works, except for that it's broken" (and the definition for not working is what again?) Jeff 8/26/10

11. "Dick is overrated" (No comment) Laura 9/15/10

12. "Allan called and said he's dong some work at home with some videos and will be here soon". (ok, this email is only funny because Courtney was new and you have to know Allan, enough said) Courtney Unknown date

13. "I didn't think Christmas was in December this year". (hmmm....didn't know we rotated the date) Robbie 10/14/10

14. "They're not people, they're women" (in a client meeting no less!) Gary 10/19/10

15. "Would that be pm in the morning or in the night?" (Arnie taught her well) Arnie's adult daughter 12/22/10

Hey, we're getting better, these aren't as bad as some have been in the past! But now the board is clean and we'll have a new year to say some silly things! Keep your resolutions and have a healthy and prosperous 2011!

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Has Online Advertising Lost its Serendipity?

by Administrator 17. December 2008 10:59

Has Online Advertising Lost its Serendipity?
Are consumers missing the boat because they don't have a "prepared mind"?

Let me first say that I am all for the granularity of advertising. The shotgun marketing that some agencies still use can be quite off the mark. I also have been a leader in the cry for better targetability, especially as it pertains to geographic targeting; and I remain a huge proponent. However, have some online companies, some agencies and other media outlets gone too far the other way? Are we now missing "discovery" as a key ingredient in the marketing mix?

Let me explain what I mean. Serendipity is defined as the ability to gain knowledge from accidental events. Many famous new products have been discovered accidentally, but many potential discoveries were overlooked because the observer was not serendipitous (having a prepared mind).

Let's take that definition and apply it to marketing. If we all lived in a vacuum (see, the only word in the English language with "uu" in it, did you know that before this article?) and only went online looking for things via search, or browsing web pages would we accidentally find something we didn't know we needed? I mean, isn't that what marketing is all about -- creating awareness of products and services that Joe Public needs but just doesn't know it?  

But seriously, if we all live in this huge behavioral, geographic and contextual targeted world, are we exposed to things that we might be interested in, but just don't know it? Was the apple falling on Newton serendipity?  Newton himself says it helped him formulate his theory of gravitation by watching the fall of an apple from a tree. It fell straight down--why was that, he asked? Had he planned on the apple falling? If the apple didn't fall, would his theory have never been developed? Perhaps, not by him!

Here's a crazy scenario: Let's say Isaac didn't live in a rural town, but instead lived in the big city with nary an apple tree in sight. He then would be geographically indisposed of seeing aforementioned phenomenon. Going further, let's say he goes online looking for various math formulas. He of course searches the web for words such as math, astronomy, motion and the like. What are the chances that he'll find some online widget that has an apple falling straight down from a tree? Slim to none, I would guess. Heck, even if contextually, he were reading an article about motion and gravity, he's not going to notice the tree falling right beside his head as he reads the Viagra banner ad next to him!

So, how does this pertain to advertising and marketing? Haven't you ever discovered something in a store you didn't know existed but had to have? Aren't we all limited in our knowledge of what is available to us? I'm not just talking about search marketing, I'm talking about any marketing that so "narrowcasts" its audience it excludes others who may be quite interested in the product, albeit unfamiliar with its existence. There are legions of companies out there that are going so granular that I'm afraid at some point, the sum total of our knowledge will actually slow down from where we are today.

But I could be wrong. Have a great holiday season!

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